I remember the first program I wrote, it was highschool and math questions came in the form of "apply this formula to this list of numbers a) through g)". I thought doing all that by hand was pretty dumb, so I wrote a small python script to automate each question type.

That's sort of how I got into the design world too, just trying to make club websites and a few bucks on the side.

I started my freelance career in highschool. Being a freelance design/dev was a great job for a student, since you could work around school hours. Even better, on the internet no one has to know that you're a teenager.

Back then 100kB was a very generous budget for a webpage, images and all. CSS was still this novel thing that needed to be evangelized. Sites like cssvault, cssbeauty and stylegala were the dribbble of the era, sadly now defunct. I guess those sites fell out of relevance once CSS gained broad acceptance.

I ran my freelance business until I graduated from SFU and got a steady job. Over the years I've built probably over a hundred web sites, some for myself and some for clients. It was a fun ride, seeing the early web evolve into its present state. We oughta be on Web 4.0 by now.

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