I'm not sure why I'm making so many longboards, I'm not even that into longboarding. But these designs pop into my head and I feel compelled to make them.

here are some of the images I've used as inspiration for the Tron aesthetic. The plan is to back-light the board on the bottom to make the traces glow. The e-board has a USB plug, which should make this pretty easy.

Instead of the hex pattern I'm using the more traditional stringer+lung design. The void will be filled with foam to diffuse the backlight.

I tried putting some LEDs behind the cured foam, and as it turns out the foam is completely opaque..

New plan, acrylic laser-cut diffusers.

I bonded the acrylic pieces to the holes that were cut out with some epoxy putty.

Now I'm gluing the LEDs to the acrylic, and wiring them up in parallel.

The light isn't as diffuse as I'd like, but it does look pretty interesting.

I had to do this a couple of times to get the entire void filled.

Still working on this one, stay tuned!

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