After making the first board I thought about ways to reduce weight. The main problem with the electric longboard is how heavy it is. When not riding you're basically lugging a 15lb weight around, it's just not very practical.

I've never worked with composites before so I'm trying out a fiberglass build first.

The design I drew up. I'm going for a stealth fighter look here.

For production you'd build a press and laminate plies, but that'd be too much work for a one-off. I just got a thicker piece of baltic birch and milled out the inside for the concave.

Since we're doing a massive 3d operation anyways, I figured I'd make the concave a bit unique. It's a little hard to tell but the concave is a hard edge, forming a triangle that flows into the design.

For the bottom I milled out a hex honeycomb pattern. The goal here is to reduce weight while maintaining compressive strength.

Filling the voids with some rigid two-part PU foam

I used 2 layers of 17oz NEMPC on the bottom. It's pretty heavy fiberglass with a mat backing.

The result is just under 3lb, about a pound lighter than the stock deck.

It did come out pretty flexy though. The battery on my E-Go board can flex a bit but I thought this was probably too much. Instead I just bought some trucks and wheels and made it a regular longboard.

Looks pretty nice after painting. I put a warlock mark on it, from Destiny (the game), which I've been addicted to for a while now.

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