In Japan I started coding my travel blog. I could have used Jekyll or something but I thought it was a bit overkill for what's literally just a list of images.

Most of the work was in scaling each image and video to a number of resolutions so they can be served statically, and I had a script for that anyways.

Some people expressed interest in the source code, so I refactored a bit and released it as Expose on Github

I added a feature to wrap text around a polygon so it can fit into the negative space of the image. Haven't found a great place to use this yet though.

I like the full-screen design style on my blog, but it is meant to be a bit different from most photoessays. I made a second more traditional theme (a la and included it in the repo.

And now I'm using it as the backend for my work blog as well. I don't plan on releasing this theme though.

I like the "images first" approach to blogging. It really forces you to be concise and write in a way that complements the images.

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