So this was about 3 years of my life.

After graduating from SFU my most marketable skill was web dev, which is why I took a web dev position at Fortinet.

OK, so my cubicle was a little messy. I removed a piece of the desk to put in a minifridge, and a griddler for nice toasted sandwiches. The sit/stand desk I'm actually still working on.

Fortinet's main business is B2B cybersecurity. At the time I was the only dedicated web dev in the Vancouver office, which gave me a lot of freedom to try new stuff like static site generators.

Laters Patrick!

In the end, I felt like I wanted to do more with my life. Waking up and going to work every day, doing more or less the same things, just isn't very rewarding.

In 2014 I put in my resignation and booked a flight to Japan.

There's something about this building. For my CO-OP I worked for the previous company that had occupied it, Redback.

In the winter there'd be hundreds of crows on the trees. The waiting list for underground parking is something like a year.

The end of one adventure, and the beginning of another I suppose. Should've kept some of that Fortinet stock though.

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